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Physiotherapy aims to optimise one's mobility, function and independence. At Dr Panda Medical Centre, enjoy the convenience of consulting a general practitioner and physiotherapist in one location. Whether it is getting a referral for a physiotherapy session or a post-treatment assessment by our doctors, we endeavour to provide you with a prompt and seamless experience.


A physiotherapy treatment involves the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of pain and injury, through the use of physical exercise and manual therapy. Over time, physiotherapy helps you relieve pain, restore function and strength, and resume your lifestyle.

Looking for Physiotherapy Clinic at Bishan?

Our physiotherapists in Bishan will get you moving freely again. Through hands-on therapy and personalised treatment plans, we relieve you from discomfort and help you to restore strength and mobility.

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When do you need to see a physiotherapist?

1. Management of musculoskeletal pain or injuries

2. Post-operative orthopaedic management

3. Ambulation training (such as gait training, walking aid training, e.g., crutches, walking stick)

4. Prevention of falls

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Our Treatments

Manual Therapy

A physical hands-on technique that is generally used to assess and treat musculoskeletal pain or injuries. It seeks to relieve pain, reduce muscle pain and restore movement.

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Exercise Therapy

The therapy involves a series of movements or activities aimed at increasing function, strength and mobility. It is usually recommended for rehabilitation after injury and the prevention of further injury.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Monday to Saturdays :

0900 -1800

Please make your appointment  3days in advance. For enquiries, please contact us at 6980 7757

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