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The Medisave is a national savings scheme that helps Singaporeans better manage their basic healthcare needs. Here are some ways you can use your Medisave for your outpatient care at Dr Panda Medical Centre.

Chronic Disease Management Programme

According to the Health Promotion Board, one in four Singaporeans aged 40 years and above has at least 1 chronic disease(s) - diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol & stroke. While it is recommended to focus on preventive care with early detection through health screenings, treatment for 23 chronic diseases are covered under the Chronic Disease Management Programme.


Vaccinations are important in building your immunity against vaccine-preventable diseases. They are also critical in the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases. When you protect yourself by getting vaccinated, you are also protecting your family, and in turn the community. Find out more about the vaccines that are available at Dr Panda Medical Centre and eligible for Medisave claims.

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