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Doctor and Patient

Statutory Medical Examination

Dr Panda Medical Centre offers a variety of health examinations including 6ME checks for foreign domestic helpers, pre-employment screenings, as well as medical checkups for Taxi Driver and Private Hire Car Driver Vocational Licenses (TDVL/PDVL).

6 Monthly Checkups (6ME) at Dr Panda Medical Centre

Enjoy a hassle-free process when you book a 6ME check for your domestic helper in Singapore with Dr Panda. We make comprehensive medical examinations effortless, so you can focus on what really matters - your wellbeing.

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6ME Examination

6ME Examination

$40 (6 months) | $70 (every 2 years) 

A 6-month check that screens for pregnancy and infectious diseases such as syphilis, HIV and tuberculosis.

Results are submitted to the Ministry of Manpower, with a digital copy sent to you. The physical report is also available for collection at the clinic.

TDVL/PDVL Application


A physical examination and chest x-ray is required to ensure the applicant is physically and mentally fit.

The Land Transport Authority's medical examination form can be downloaded here. Chest x-ray will be conducted at another premise near the clinic.

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pre employment screening

Pre-employment Screening


Valid for pre-employment, work permit, student and employment pass applications required by the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

Get in touch with us for a quotation for group screenings. Chest x-ray will be conducted at another premise near the clinic.

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